Video Marketing Can Skyrocket Your Results

Connecting Small Business To The Latest Marketing Tools

Getting new customers to your downtown store or to your website is what every small business needs through these challenging times. We will help you to discover the tools to do it,or we can help you launch your campaign.

Most small business owners don't have time to develop a marketing campaign, there is so much to learn and so much to do, especially during these challenging times where we have to adjust our businesses to online to keep our doors open.
We offer the tools and the guidance to stay ahead of your competition.
Video marketing is one of the changes you can make today and it doesn't have to cost you thousands to do it. 

Our Services

We provide you with the latest in production tools that have been developed for the small business or marketing agency who helps small businesses launch marketing campaigns online.
As much as we would like to do the work for you, we want to show you the tools and the guidance to do it yourself. You can also have one of your employees specialize in marketing and communications.
If you have teen-agers in your household or business, they can become very good at this. Working with apps has become second nature to the next generation.

Perhaps You Might Consider Using Our Services If You Can't Find The Time. Below, is a list of our services. 

    • Consulting- If you are not sure where to start, we offer a free 30 minute consultation to determine your needs and where you should start. 
    • Video Ads Production
    • Social Channel Set-up & Operation
    • Website Development- Create additional websites to expand your territory
    • SEO- we can improve the rankings of your website and your Google My Business placement.  We have a special method to sky-rocket your rankings within a month or less.
    • Schedule your meeting with owner Guy Monague today by emailing: [email protected]

LEARN MORE ABOUT Expanding Your Territory With More Websites to Bring More Customers

A Business Can Have More Than One Website

Any business can have as many websites they want or need, these additional sites can help you to expand your marketing areas to different provinces or states, with the primary purpose of expanding your market area.
Even if you wanted to create an additional site for a specific product, these can lead back to your main site, because your main site is already branded and recognized.
The point is, you don't have to limit your website to just one website, you can build as many as you like.
Think of it as having extra sales people in each town without the added expense. 

An example of another site for your business is called a Exact Match Domain. For instance if you were providing plumbing services in Thornhill, you would develop a site called, if that domain was available, then you would buy and put together a site with content specific to Plumbing in Thornhill.
What will this do for you, it will allow you to expand your territory and the site will come up in searches for this keyword and will be targeted to anyone searching for plumbing services in Thornill. Therefore, their search will result in your secondary website coming up in their search, provided that you have taken all the steps to optimize this site for a local search. This includes having your Google My Business placement connected to the site.
People searching for this are usually on their phones and in need of your service right away, so it's an emergency, so make sure that you have relevant content, business hours and contact information. Ideally, you want your mobile phone number on here, they are in an emergency and they need someone right now.

There are other techniques that we can use to broaden your marketing to all the small towns in your area if you provide coverage in those areas.
If you think of all the small towns in your county and provided that you are willing to drive that far for business and service calls, maybe look at a 50 km distance, and do a search for all the towns within that area.
We can set-up your secondary site and create sub pages for those little towns. An example of this might be BestPlumbingInMaple. With this page, when someone is searching for plumbing services in Maple, your sub-page may come up first, depending how you optimized it.
Do you see the advantages of doing this, you are expanding your service area and your chances of being found in searches that people are doing for your service.
Otherwise, they would never know that you existed and provided service within a certain area.

Connecting your social sites to your websites really helps with your rankings, but, you need activity on these social sites. This means providing updated and relevant content and videos to your social sites, this takes time and work.
If you have staff to do this, it would make it easier for you to look at other important matters in your business.
As I mentioned earlier, if you have teenagers at home, and they are willing to help, they can keep our social pages active and updated.
Videos are the best tools for social channels, so if you can develop short videos to keep your site interesting, people will share these videos and it is the best form of free advertising.
Just like with your existing customers, if they had great experience from your business, you don't know that they are out there praising your business, and they probably are without even thinking about it.
If nothing else is working for you in keeping your channels updated, we can help with that, and eventually we can develop enough content to automate posting so that you have something fresh on your channels at all times.

You need to know what you want and how you are going to get it.

It's pretty straightforward on what you want, you want more customers coming to your store or website, but, how are you going to get that. 

It all starts with a basic consultation, I will help you to determine your requirements and help you to develop a plan over time.
Everything can't be done right away, we need a starting point and you have to decide what is best.
If you have a good customer base already and you have contact information, we develop a strategy to email your current customers and let them know you are back in business, or that you are having a sale next week.
Your current customers can be your best marketing strategy, if they love your service, they will do anything to help you out and tell their family and friends about your sale of Back In Business Sale.
This is where your video might come in handy, they can just share your video on Facebook or tell people about your sale on Twitter. 

If you are not sure where to start, we will help you develop a simple campaign, it may be easier than you think, sometimes, your creativity can be sparked just by having a conversation.
If in the end, you didn't need my services and you could do all the work yourself, that is fine.
What I would suggest in return is that we reciprocate, you tell your family and friends about my business, and I will do the same for you.